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QuickBooks Online Payroll is a robust payroll solution from Intuit that has a starting price of $45 per month plus $6 per employee. You can activate this service from within the QuickBooks Online and use it with the Desktop version as well. Furthermore, you can also try its free 30-day trial version and check if the product works well for your business payroll or not. There are different pricing plans for the customers so that they can choose the right one for their business. If you are also looking for a powerful payroll solution, this post elaborates on the features, pricing plans, and other important aspects of QuickBooks Payroll to help you with your quest. Let’s explore more.

QuickBooks Online Payroll 2024 Pricing Plans

QuickBooks Payroll offers different pricing plans to address different needs of the businesses. The available pricing plans are:
1: Core Plan: $45 Per Month + $6 Per Employee/Month.

This is the most basic plan; however, it offers a full-fledged payroll system to the businesses. This full-service payroll plan offers incredible features, such as tax automation, payroll automation, next-day direct deposit, health benefits management, and several others. It also offers features such as tax forms, 401(k) plans, and 1099 E-File & Pay. Customers can acquire 24/7 chat support for payroll-related issues. However, if you need to speak to someone from the support department over the phone, the helpline number is reachable at:

Mon-Fri 6 am to 6 pm, PT and Sat 6 am to 3 pm, PT.

2: Premium Plan: $80/Month + $8 Per Employee/Month.

QuickBooks Payroll Premium plan is designed to cater to the large employee groups. It offers some additional features as compared to the Core, such as time tracking and worker’s compensation. You can also get access to expert reviews, and it is easy to add employee benefits with the tool. The support options are the same as in the Core plan. You can get around-the-clock help over chat and can speak with a live agent over a call from:

Mon-Fri 6 am to 6 pm, PT and Sat 6 am to 3 pm, PT.

3: Elite Plan: $125/Month + $10 Per Employee/Month.

QuickBooks Payroll Elite is the most superior plan suitable for the big enterprises. It doesn’t add up much when it comes to the features; however, it certainly adds personnel readily available to assist you with your payroll processes. You can have an expert to set up your processes and a personal HR advisor to get online consultations. Additionally, project and labor tracking is also one of the most applauded features accessible with the QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite plan. Furthermore, this plan can make you immune to the tax penalties by ensuring timely filing and payments. The availability of the support is also a major leap.

You can get 24/7 phone and chat support.

QuickBooks Payroll Core Vs. Premium Vs. Elite

If you are not sure which plan is suitable for your business, you can compare the plans and check if they align with your needs. 

Core QuickBooks Online Payroll vs Premium

QuickBooks Payroll Core is suitable for small businesses. However, when it fails to meet your emerging needs, or you feel the need to upgrade, you can move to QuickBooks Payroll Premium. Although Core is also a full-fledged accounting solution, Premium stands advantageous over Core in terms of features and benefits. For instance, you can save Direct Deposit and Workers’ Comp Administration fees with Premium.

QuickBooks Payroll Premium Vs Elite

QuickBooks Premium is an intermediate plan but is the most popular among businesses. Elite, on the other hand, includes all the features with additional personnel to set up and assist the payroll processes for the business. With Elite, you can access an HR expert who is readily available to help you with your payroll-related tasks. Furthermore, you can get 24/7 phone and chat support with QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite, which is limited to the Premium plan.

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QuickBooks Online Payroll Desktop Features

QuickBooks Payroll offers a wide array of features to users to simplify their payroll processes. Some of the most notable features are: 

1: Workforce Portal

The workforce portal is a self-service platform for employees, which enables employees to view their paychecks and W-2 forms. Your employees can apply for leaves on this platform, enter their time sheets, and view their leave balance. However, you can control whether you want to add an enable workforce portal for employees or not.

2: Independent Contractor Payroll

If you are working with an independent contractor, you can track and manage their work and payments from within the tool. Besides this, it automatically imports their data and prepares 1099s you can easily download and send to the contractor. It is a completely separate payroll feature in QuickBooks.

3: Time Tracking

The time tracking feature is available in QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite. It makes use of the QuickBooks Time utility to accurately track employees’ payable hours and keep your payroll processes accurate. You can also create your schedule and share it with the team using Time.

4: View Pay Stubs

Pay stubs provide employees with a comprehensive breakdown of their earnings, benefits, taxes withheld, and the employer’s share of taxes. You can allow your employees to access QuickBooks Workforce, wherein they can see their pay stubs and confirm that everything is correct.

5: File Taxes

QuickBooks Payroll can automate your tax processes, which includes automated tax calculation, filing, and payment of State and Federal taxes. With this feature, you can avoid the need to print and manually upload the relevant forms to their respective local sites.

6: Automate Payroll Processes

QuickBooks Online Payroll can automate several of your payroll processes to save you time and effort. Once you enter the required information into the program, it makes the necessary adjustments and performs tasks automatically, such as automated tax calculation, filing, and payments.

7: Tax Penalty Protection

QuickBooks Elite offers tax penalty protection, which means the plan covers you against tax notices by ensuring timely filing and payments. If Elite users receive a tax notice and send it within 15 days of receiving it, QuickBooks will cover a tax penalty of up to $25,000.

8: Manage W-2 Forms

W-2 forms are the IRS tax forms used to report wages paid to the employees and taxes withheld from them. QuickBooks Online Payroll lets you manage your W-2 forms efficiently. Also, the program lets you print and view your W-2s for efficient management of your processes.

9: Access HR Services

The HR support center is included with QuickBooks Payroll Premium and Elite. It makes an HR service accessible to you through the call so that you can get the related queries answered. You can remain compliant with the regulatory authorities and pay your employees correctly by adding the expertise of an HR expert to the process.

Benefits Of QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the most preferred payroll solutions among the businesses. It offers multi-faceted benefits to the users. Some of the most acknowledged benefits of the payroll solution are explained in the list:
Easy To Use

QuickBooks Payroll is easy to use. It offers a comprehensive user interface, which lets users navigate through the website with the utmost ease. Besides, you can automate different processes and get them done with little or no intervention. Besides, you can access help articles and other resources on experiencing difficulty with the program.


In order to run your business smoothly, you need to make sure that you are compliant with the standard regulations. QuickBooks Payroll service automates your tax processes so that you can remain compliant with the state and federal tax authorities. Besides, you can access all the relevant information about payroll compliance, labor laws, exemptions, and several others on a single Interface.

Easy Onboarding

You can get full onboarding support with the plan, including payroll setup and assistance with all your queries. The experts will review your process and offer live support over chat and call. Besides, you can use the product for a free trial period of 30 days to check whether the product is right for you or not. You are free to cancel your free trial period anytime you want.

Insightful Reporting

You can get insights into your processes and draw useful information that can help your business grow. You can run reports, such as the payroll billing summary, payroll deductions and contributions, and several others. Moreover, you can customize your reporting columns by adding or deleting them. Make a report as your favorite lets you access it with a single click.

Excellent Support

QuickBooks Online Payroll offers robust support to its users to ensure an incredible customer experience using the product. You can access chat and phone support in the hours of need. However, the support hours are limited to Core and Premium. On the contrary, QuickBooks Payroll Elite offers 24/7 chat and phone support to its users.

Getting Started With The Product- QuickBooks Online Payroll Login

You can easily start using QuickBooks Online payroll in both the Desktop and online versions of the accounting software. You can either contact help from the help desk, access the QuickBooks Online Payroll tutorial, or help articles to get help with the setup and utilization.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think that your current plan is not able to handle your business payroll processes, you can upgrade to a superior version. If you are using Core, you can compare it with Premium and Elite and choose one based on your specific needs. 

If you want to access QuickBooks payroll for free, you can utilize it for the first 30 days of the trial period for absolutely free. Thereafter, you will have to pay the price of the chosen plan in order to continue using its services. 

QuickBooks Online Payroll is slightly more expensive than the other products available on the market. Besides this, the time tracking feature is available only in the top-tier plan. 

The payroll settings can be accessed from within the Settings menu in QuickBooks. On selecting the Payroll Settings option, you will see the Setup Overview screen. Here, you can set up your payroll-related information. 

You can add up to 150 employees in QuickBooks Payroll. 

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