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Time-tracking solutions have become an integral part of organizational operations. These solutions can eliminate the need for manual time tracking and facilitate better team management. QuickBooks Time Premium is a leading-edge time tracking solution from Intuit, which allows employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices (iPhone and Android). Thus, you can keep an accurate time track and streamline payroll management processes.

QuickBooks Time Premium Features You Can Access

QuickBooks Time Premium offers a myriad of incredible features, such as scheduling, payroll and invoice management, GPS location tracking and several others. Some of the most applauded features of this QuickBooks Time Tracking solution are:

1. Mobile Time Tracking Through GPS:-

QuickBooks Time Premium solution allows employees to record locations when they have clocked-in on their mobile device. Also, they can attach their GPS data to their timesheets for the entire workday.

2. Receive Alerts and Notifications:-

QB Time Premium enables you to send alerts to the team-members to clock-in or clock-out. Besides, you can also notify them when they are going overtime so that they can get the extra money.

3. Integration Becomes Easier:-

The Time Tracking solution allows seamless integration with the QuickBooks accounting application so that the data of the two applications can be synced together so that you can track expenses.

4. Job and Shift Scheduling:-

The users can also generate schedules according to the employee’s shift, job, or task with the help of QuickBooks Time. Afterwards, you can synchronize them with your calendar to record the timings accurately.

5. Get Real-Time Reports:-

You can also get insightful reports from the project time tracking in real-time. Thus, it can help you make smarter decisions. You can adjust budgets, deadlines, and resources as per your varying needs.

6. Time-Clock Kiosk:-

Tine-Click Kiosk is an excellent feature that allows users to clock-in and clock-out from the same spot or device. Thus, you can ensure the accurate time tracking and billing and manage projects effectively. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having QuickBooks Time Premium?

The best thing about the QuickBooks Time Premium feature is that you can access it to get the complete picture regarding the time tracking of employee’s working hours, even while travelling. Additionally, it can provide multi-faceted advantages to the users, as explained below:

1. Keep An Eye On Projects and Collaboration in Real-Time:-

You can get a clear picture of what’s happening in the business and insight into the project’s progress. Moreover, you can also include photos and updates along with the activity feed. Furthermore, you can receive updates from your team to see the progress made on your report.

2. Track Mileage And Enjoy Tax Benefits:-

Monitoring the mileage directly from the phone has become much more convenient. Moreover, you can also use GPS technology on your mobile phones. It will reflect how far the employees are traveling while on the clock, thus you can efficiently manage your expenses and tax filing.

3. Set Up of Geofence To Improve the Accuracy:-

Using QuickBooks Time Premium, employees can get reminders regarding when to clock in or out whenever they enter or leave the job. As a result, it will help reduce the timesheet errors and edits. Apart from this, you can also check who is working in the organization and who is on leave.

4. Receive Every Dollar You Deserve:-

Utilizing the time-tracking feature, you can oversee team productivity and project status. You may adjust budgets, hit deadlines, and enhance billable time by 10%. Accurate billing and cost management with QuickBooks Time Premium can maximize your earnings and profits.

QuickBooks Time Premium Pricing Plan

QuickBooks Time Premium is a subscription based service, which costs users $20/month. However, you can access it for 50% discount i.e., $10/month for the first three month by subscribing for three months at once. The base fee includes 1 admin user. For every additional user, you need to pay $8 per user/month.

If you want to run a free trial of the QuickBooks Time Premium, it offers a 30-day free trial period. Thus, you can check if it is helpful for your business or not. However, you need to keep in mind that after running the program in its free-trial period, you won’t be able to avail of its 50% off promotional offer. In this case, you need to pay the full monthly price of $20 as the base price. 

How To Log Into The QuickBooks Time Premium?

The admin user first sends an email or text invitation, including the details of the company, to the users. By accepting the invitation from the admin, the users can set up their QuickBooks Time account.

To Login On to the Computer
  • To begin with the procedure, go to the QuickBooks Time sign-in page.
  • Provide accurate phone number, email address, or user ID.
  • Now, click the highlighted Sign In tab to proceed further.
  • Thereon, enter the password and click the Continue button.
  • Alternatively, you can hit the Text a Code button.
  • Finally, enter the code received on your registered email address.
To Login Through a Mobile Device
  • On your mobile device, open the Workforce application. 
  • Afterwards, enter your email address or user ID in the specified field. 
  • Then, hit the highlighted Continue button.
  • You are supposed to add the password and tap the Continue button. 
  • Alternatively, you may choose the Text a Code option. 
  • Now, include the code you got on your registered email address.
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How do you differentiate QuickBooks Time Elite and QuickBooks Time Premium?

QuickBooks Time Premium is the basic time tracking solution from Intuit, suitable for businesses that mainly want to track time and manage attendance. QuickBooks Time Elite, on the other hand, is an advanced solution suitable for firms that need advanced tools for project management and collaboration. They differ from each other in several aspects, as explained below:

Basis QuickBooks Time Elite QuickBooks Time Premium
Usage 1. You can use this time-tracking edition to hit the timelines with real-time project collaboration. 1. This application can be used to monitor the time and attendance of your team remotely.
Mobile Accessibility 2. Users can use this software to monitor employees’ time with the help of the mobile application. 2. Accessing this software lets you record the employee’s timings through the mobile application.
Features 3. The QuickBooks Elite software designed for construction or consulting purposes. 3. It is a perfect application mainly used to streamline the payroll processes.
Focus 4. QuickBooks Elite application mainly concentrates on robust project management. 4. Conversely, this application reduces the company’s payroll-related tasks.
Type of Business 5. This application is designed for larger companies dealing with complicated time tracking requirements. 5. This application is developed mainly for small or medium-sized businesses.
Pricing 6. It is an expensive application in comparison to QuickBooks Premium. 6. The best thing about QuickBooks Premium is its affordable accounting solution.
Integration 7. The users can integrate the QuickBooks Time Elite application with another payroll system, including QuickBooks Online payroll, to reduce the task of manually completing payroll tasks. 7. Moreover, you can also integrate the QuickBooks Premium payroll software like QuickBooks Online, which will make the data synchronization between the systems easy.

To Put It All Together! 

QuickBooks Time Premium can certainly eliminate the stress of manually recording the payable hours, thus streamlining billing and payroll management. With effective time tracking, business owners can determine the areas of inefficiencies and boost their overall productivity. If you want to know more or need assistance getting started with QuickBooks Time Premium, communicate with our experts to get the desired help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

QuickBooks Time Premium can offer many advantages to users, such as accurate billing and payroll management, insightful reports, increased productivity, and maximized profitability.

With QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite subscription, you can access the QuickBooks Time without needing to pay any additional cost. 

To add someone in QuickBooks Time:

  • Go to Time and then Time Team.
  • Next, you have to select Add team members. 
  • If you want to add an employee, select Add Employee. 
  • Here, enter relevant responses in their respective fields.
  • In the end, select Save or Continue. 

QuickBooks Time Premium can be used for free in the first 30 days of its trial period. Thereafter, you need to pay the monthly subscription cost. Besides, if you are using QuickBooks Payroll Premium or Elite, the access is included in the subscription cost with no additional pricing.

QuickBooks Time integration with QuickBooks Desktop can offers multi-faceted benefits, such as:- efficient time tracking, accuracy in payroll management, easy tracking of the project expenses, and insightful reports to support informed decision making.

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