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QuickBooks time elite is great accounting software that provides several top-notch and improved accounting features to simplify the company’s financial tasks. Moreover, it also provides a time-tracking application to keep track of the employees' working hours. Using this application; users can easily track time, simplify payroll tasks, schedule jobs, and send accurate invoices. To get a detailed application description, you must stick to this post until the end.

What Exclusive Features does the QuickBooks Time Elite Application Offer?

The QuickBooks Time Elite is a great time-tracking software mainly prepared for businesses requiring enhanced and improved features. Moreover, it is a great application that can be utilized to control and efficiently handle employees’ hours and expenses. However, we have dug deep into the features of the QuickBooks Times Elite to get a better understanding. 

1. Easy Way Of Time Tracking:-

By accessing the QuickBooks Time Elite application, the users can set up alerts for the employees to let them know whenever they punch in or out of the office. As a result, it will give you a clear insight into the total working hours of the employees so that it becomes easier to compute their payroll according to the working hours.

2. Use the Mobile Tracking Feature Through GPS:-

Another great feature of using the QuickBooks Elite is that it provides a mobile tracking feature i.e, GPS, that enables you to monitor your team's time. With the help of GPS technology on your mobile devices, you can spot exactly how far the employees are traveling for business purposes. Apart from this, you may also compute the mileage accurately, which will eventually help the users in the tax filing and expense management process.

3. Monitor the Project Activity Feed:

The users can also monitor the projects closely to get a clear picture in their mind of exactly what’s going on in the business. Moreover, you can also keep yourself updated on employees' progress with the activity feed.

4. Get Real-Time Updates:-

The great thing about the QuickBooks Time Elite application is that you can monitor crucial information at every stage and adjust accordingly.

5. Monitor Progress to Plan:-

You can take the estimate of the upcoming hours based on past projects. Also, you can obtain a clear vision regarding the projects to help you complete your future projects successfully.

What is the Significance of Using QuickBooks Time Elite?

QuickBooks Time Elite is the best-in-class application that helps users complete their projects timely with real-time project collaboration. Apart from this, there are numerous other benefits of accessing the application, which are as follows. 

1. Time Sheet Signatures:-

The Time Sheet Signatures feature available in the QuickBooks Times Elite feature allows businesses to get digital signatures from employees to ensure the accuracy of their time entries. Moreover, this feature will improve accountability and resolve disputes related to the total working hours. The employees can also sign the certificates electronically via mobile app by offering the documented confirmation of recorded hours

2. Utilize Advanced Project Management Capabilities:-

You can monitor numerous projects simultaneously by accessing the advanced project management capabilities. Also, you can allocate the resources to finish the tasks efficiently. It is the best time-tracking software for construction or consulting agencies.

3. Automatic Geo-fencing:-

You can use Geo-fencing to set up alerts for employees whenever they enter the work site. This will help them get the proper information about the total logging hours for accurate time-sheets.

4. Project Estimates and Tracking:-

The users can utilize the Project estimates and tracking feature of the QuickBooks Time Elite so that they can easily prepare and manage project estimates. Moreover, it helps businesses make a clear vision regarding the time required to accomplish the project and monitor the time spent against those estimates.

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What Steps You Must Perform For QuickBooks Time Elite Login?

Before you carry on with the QuickBooks Time Elite login process, it’s important to obtain an email or the invitation on the text from your admin with all the company details. Once the invitation is accepted, you will be asked to set up your QuickBooks Time account. 

Using of Computer to Login  

  1. The users must visit the QuickBooks Time Sign-In Page using their preferred web browser.
  2. Afterwards, you must add the correct phone number, email address, or user ID into the respective text fields. Later on, hit the Sign-In option to move ahead with the process.
  3. Thereon, include the accurate password and then hit the Continue button. Otherwise, you can also use the Text a Code option and insert the code you received in your email.

Access the Mobile Device To Login   

  1. First of all, the users have to open the Workforce application on their mobile devices. 
  2. Afterwards, include the correct email address or user ID in the text fields. Later, hit the highlighted Continue button to proceed further.
  3. You should insert the password and then click Continue. Otherwise, you may also Text a code on the registered number. 

How do you Differentiate QuickBooks Time Elite and QuickBooks Time Premium?

To understand how QuickBooks Time Elite differs from QuickBooks Time Premium, look at the table below. This will give you complete knowledge of which time-tracking application is best for your organization. 


QuickBooks Time Premium 

QuickBooks Time Elite 

1. Features

This time-tracking application can be utilized by businesses to reduce their payroll-related tasks.

Conversely, this time-tracking app is created for construction or consulting purposes. 

2. Usage 

QuickBooks Time Premium helps you track your team’s time and attendance anywhere. 

The QuickBooks Time Elite is used to meet the timelines with real-time project collaboration. 

3. Type of Business 

It is a perfect software built mainly for small or medium-sized businesses. 

This software is suitable for large companies involved with complex time-tracking requirements. 


4. Integration

You can integrate the QuickBooks Premium payroll software like QuickBooks Online, making data synchronization between the systems easy. 

The users can integrate the QuickBooks Time Elite application with another payroll system, including QuickBooks Online payroll, to reduce the task of manually completing payroll tasks. 

5. Pricing 

It is an affordable time-tracking software that small and medium-sized businesses can easily afford to track down their employee’s time. 

In comparison to QuickBooks Time Premium, this is an expensive time-tracking application. 

6. Main Focus

The main purpose of using this application is to reduce the manual stress of managing the company’s payroll-related activities. 

Conversely, it is a perfect time-tracking feature built for robust project management. 

7. Mobile Accessibility 

You can also use QuickBooks Time Premium through their mobile device and record the employee’s timings. 

The users can utilize the QuickBooks Time Elite on their mobile devices to monitor employees’ time.


What’s the Procedure for Upgrading to QuickBooks Time Elite?

For instance, if you are working on QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus, Advanced, Accountant, QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium, or Elite, you can simply upgrade to QuickBooks Time Elite. For that, you should perform the steps illustrated below to accomplish the process. 

  1. To start the process, open the QuickBooks Online application and navigate to the Settings menu. 
  2. Afterwards, choose the highlighted Subscriptions and Billings option. 
  3. Otherwise, you can also go to QuickBooks Time and, from there, choose your Profile to hit the Billings and Subscription.
  4. Following this, opt for the Upgrade Your Plan and proceed further. 
  5. Next, tap the Choose Plan option from the Elite tile and go through the instructions on the screen to upgrade your plan. 

Explaining the Pricing Plan of the QuickBooks Time Elite

To purchase three QuickBooks Time Elite applications, you must pay $20 monthly charges. Moreover, you also have to pay $10 for every user you add monthly. It also includes the base fees of one admin. Apart from this, by buying this application, users can also save up to 50% for up to three months. 

Concluding the Post!!

Hopefully, we assure you that you have all the details required to use the QuickBooks Time Elite to monitor your employee’s time hours. As a result, it helps create the payroll easily without much effort. However, if you need help accessing this feature, you can communicate with our QB professionals for immediate help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the QuickBooks Time Elite is already included with the QuickBooks Payroll Elite. 

The QuickBooks Time application is the perfect software suitable for businesses across different industries, including construction, healthcare, retail, and professional help. 

Yes, QuickBooks Time helps businesses to enhance productivity and efficiency by reducing the task of time tracking as well as scheduling. 

The QuickBooks time application mainly focuses on the security and privacy of employees’ data and regular audits to safeguard sensitive details. 

Tracking projects can help the users save time and add 10% more billable time with the invoices. 

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