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QuickBooks Online Reports – How to Run and More

It’s never too late to integrate with new technology trends while running a business in today’s fast-growing business industry. In everyday business chores, you may need to track and manage tons of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports for different purposes. Intuit offers an excellent QuickBooks platform with trendsetting functions and services. One of them is the advantage of QuickBooks Online reports about which we will discuss in this post. Continue reading till the end. 

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What the QuickBooks Online Reports are all About?

To help small and medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks Online offers a range of reports. These QuickBooks Online report basically manage and track their business finances, expenses, and income for a better and stable growth. Additionally, these reports have all the essential information required by the business owner, accountant, finance manager, and other professionals to run the business efficiently. 

Below we have penned down the different types of QuickBooks reports. Have a look: 

1. Balance Sheet Summary 

This online report helps a QuickBooks user learn about where their business stands financially. In this report, users get details related to accounts receivables, accounts payables, and parameter of bank or cash. 

2. Pending Sales 

The pending sales report helps users make sure their salesforce is closing the invoicing and sales reports. The report usually offers a list of all the items needed to follow up to seamlessly manage their business sales. 

3. Profit and Loss Summary 

This QuickBooks online report, which is also known as PLS, helps business owners track their business earnings and investment. It helps them learn and ensure increased business earnings than the investments done. Eventually, it’s an important report to track the overall business financial growth. 

4. Open Sales Orders 

One of the essential QB Online reports is the open sales orders that gives insights about the customers and their specific orders. With this report, the inventory manager ensures customers are getting their placed orders on time. 

5. Open Purchase Orders 

Likewise open sales orders, the open purchase orders report also helps in seamlessly managing the inventory. This report generally shows inventory managers what they have ordered that hasn’t arrived as quickly as it must. 

6. Sales by Customer Summary 

Another one is the Sales by Customer summary that keeps all the information related to your target customers and what orders they are placing. 

7. QuickBooks Online Reports by Class 

Both the QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced editions offer users reports by class. It helps them categorize multiple business segments like store departments, product lines, and much more. Overall, QuickBooks Online reports by class provide detailed insights for better business growth.

How to Run and Customize QuickBooks Online Reports?

What’s the actual motive of the QuickBooks reports is to provide you a snapshot of your business’s financial growth and where it stands. Now, you must be thinking about how to run and customize these online reports within QuickBooks. So, below we have explained the entire procedure. Have a look and perform the steps carefully: 

  • Firstly, you must login to your QuickBooks Online application and move to the Reports tab. 
  • In the next step, go to the Find Report by name search bar to find the specific reports by name. Alternatively, you can also browse the list of the reports
  • Once you find the report, click to open it. 
  • Finally, choose the Run Report tab. 

But if you wish to run QuickBooks Online report for particular accounts, follow the below steps: 

  1. Initially, move to the Settings alternative and choose the Chart of Accounts option. 
  2. Right after this, you must search for the account, and immediately after this, go to the Action column to choose the Run report option. You can also select this option via the View Register dropdown list

Further, if you want to customize these specific online reports, perform the penned down steps: 

  • Log in to your QuickBooks online company and directly move to the Reports tab
  • Now, continue to find and open a particular report. Here, remember that if you have QuickBooks Online Plus, Essentials, or Advanced edition, make sure to run the Detail versions of the Standard online reports
  • Afterward, choose the Customize option, and by this you can apply multiple filters to adjust your report accordingly. 
  • You can edit or customize the report by making changes in the General section, Rows/Columns section, Header/Footer section, and Filter section.
  • Finally, after making all the required changes, choose the Save Customization button, name the report, and hit the Save option

What to do on Encountering QuickBooks Online Reports Not Working?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to maintain the efficiency of QuickBooks software. It’s because of the continuous occurrence of the QB online reports not working issues. Do you struggle with the same issue as well? Well, this error is one of the common ones for a QuickBooks user. Don’t worry! Below we have explained what to do next. 

To avoid receiving error messages like QuickBooks online reports not working, you must perform the following tricks:

1. Memorize the Reports

Since you’re managing tons of reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, it’s important to memorize the specific reports. Also, it’s advised to frequently optimize the reports for efficiently running the QuickBooks reporting feature.

2. Use the Process Multiple Reports Feature

This feature helps in printing the required reports for a particular period or a day. With the help of this feature, you can keep track of all the reports.

3. Regularly Generate QuickBooks Reports

For seamlessly using and running the reports with maintained accuracy, it’s recommended to weekly generate a good number of online reports in QuickBooks. Also, by regular reports generation, you can easily check any wrong or erroneous outcomes. 

How QuickBooks Online Reports Tutorials can Help Users? 

For better insights and learning about how to run or manage the online reports, users can take help from the QB Online reports tutorials. Keep on reading this section to learn about different tutorials and how they can help users with online reports:

  • Use custom fields in reports in QuickBooks Online Advanced

This tutorial helps users learn how to create specific custom fields to track and manage their business expenses and income. The tutorial includes professionals explaining everything stepwise to help users accurately create custom fields.

  • QuickBooks Online Accountant for Custom Reports

It’s another one of the effective QuickBooks Online reports tutorials that makes users learn about how to edit or customize the existing reports in QuickBooks online. In addition, the tutorial helps them create professional custom online reports right from the scratch.

  • Enhanced Custom Reports in QuickBooks Online

If users wish to learn how to create custom online reports along with the wizard creation, report creation with custom data columns, or anything related, the enhanced custom reports tutorial can help. Overall, by following what tutorial says, users can easily and accurately adjust the reports as per the specific business requirements. 

What’s the QuickBooks Online Reports Only User All About?

The QuickBooks Online reports only user has access rights to see all the business reports. However, the report only user don’t have access to track the payroll or contact information. Also, this user has no rights to access the audit log but can create custom reports as per their business requirements. 

Another aspect of the QB Online reports only user is that they can even add the report groups but have no access to view or track the actual transaction. In case you wish to add the report only user in your QuickBooks Online application, below is the quick procedure. 

  • Begin this procedure by first visiting the Settings or the Gear icon.
  • Right after this, you must choose the Manage users option and continue to select the Add user tab.
  • Now, go to the Roles section, and  from here, select the drop-down menu to choose the View company reports alternative.
  • Finally, continue entering the required personal details to continue adding the new QuickBooks online reports only user.

Steps to Switch to the QuickBooks Online Reports Classic View

With the recent updates, users may find the new display, tools, functionalities, and features of the QuickBooks online and its reports. But, if you wish to go back to the QB Online reports classic view, carry out the procedure below: 

  • First of all, you must navigate to the Settings tab, and continue choosing the Chart of accounts option. 
  • In the next step, continue to find the account.
  • Done? Now, start running the report under the Action column and directly choose the  Switch to Classic view option.

Apart from this, there’s an alternative procedure to switch to the QuickBooks Online reports classic view, which is directly from the Reports. For this, perform as per the instructions below: 

  • Here, you must choose the Gear icon and right after this, choose the Feedback alternative.
  • Now, enter the product suggestions you have and choose the next option to finally submit the Feedback.
  • Also, you can take help from the RightTool app and to automatically switch to classic view. For this, firstly, again go to the Settings menu and hit the Write Tool.
  • After this, click the User Experience and turn on the Auto Switch to Classic View option. 
    Finally, choose the Save and Refresh option.
The Bottom Line..!

For sophisticated and streamlined business accounting operations and overall finance management, QuickBooks Online is one of the best choices for today’s tech-savvy business professionals. The automated solutions and trendsetting services like QuickBooks Online reports help small and medium-sized businesses with better and faster growth. Hopefully, this comprehensive post has helped you learn everything about the QBO reports and how to run them. For further queries or any confusion regarding the QuickBooks reports, you can contact us via Live Chat Support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: With unique and specific business requirements, a user needs to create custom reports in QuickBooks. For this, the following procedure can help:

  • Begin by first moving to the menu on the left corner of your screen and choose the Reports.
  • Now, select the specific report that you wish to read and customize.
  • Finally, hit the button from the upper right corner to open the Customization Window. Here, you will find several sections to adjust your report using various filters.
  • Now go through the Customization Window Sections, including General Settings Section, Heading and Footer Section, and Section of Filters in order to create QuickBooks Custom Reports. 

Ans: To seamlessly and correctly customize or creating the custom QuickBooks online reports, follow the below given tips: 

  • Change the most common settings. 
  • Click the “Expand/Collapse” link to expand or collapse the sub accounts within the QuickBooks Online custom reports. 
  • Uploaded a logo within the “Company name” section of the “Company” settings. 
  • Edit the value in the report title field to change the title of the Report.
  • Click the “Customize” button in the upper-right corner of the window to completely adjust the report. 

Ans: It’s an online report in QuickBooks Online that helps users ensure salespeople are achieving goals and getting commissions.

Ans: You can directly call at the hotline number or reach out via the Live Chat Support option to get in touch with our 24*7 QuickBooks support team. 

Ans: Users can locate QuickBooks Online Reports Center on the navigation menu within the application. It has a list of different online reports providing essential and specific information about a business. This Reports Center has further tabs; Standard, Business Overview, and Recommended. 

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