QuickBooks Error 102 and 105

Quick Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 102 and 105

Even if QuickBooks has been proven an excellent accounting application, users can still encounter technical issues or frequent errors while running the program. One of them is QuickBooks error 102 and 105, which typically occur and annoy users while working on their banking website. If you’re also facing the same error, continue reading this blog post to find the relevant solutions. 

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We will thoroughly discuss the troubleshooting methods in this post to fix QuickBooks error codes 102 and 105. But first, let’s have a brief understanding of the error, its notable effects on your workflow, and its root causes. This knowledge will help you settle the problem even better. Let’s start!

What’s the QuickBooks Error 102 and 105 all About? 

“We’re sorry, but we can’t export your data,” or “QuickBooks Online is facing trouble establishing links to the bank websites.” QuickBooks users usually encounter such error messages with an attack of QuickBooks error 102 & 105. This error is mainly a result of the banking website’s server downtime or improper internet connection of your Windows O.S. You may encounter this problem while you’re working on your banking website or performing tasks related to banking transactions. 

Most QuickBooks online or self-employed users face this banking issue with higher risks to their company data safety. Troubleshooting such errors becomes essential as they tend to turn out destructive for your daily workflow and productivity.

What Challenges Do Users Face With QuickBooks Bank Error 102 and 105?

In this section, we will learn about what challenges QuickBooks bank errors 102 and 105 bring to the users while performing their everyday tasks: 

  • Issues while downloading the essential transactions from the bank’s website. 
  • Failure of banking operations with frequent QuickBooks crashes.
  • Unexpected and repeated system crashing. 
  • QuickBooks Online installation process might get interrupted. 
  • Delay in banking operations due to a blue loading circle might keep spinning on the banking screen. 

Signs to Recognize QuickBooks Online Error 102 and 105

Along with the adverse effects of the error as given above, users can notice the following signs learn about the attack of QuickBooks online error 102 and 105: 

  1. Continuous flashing of error messages QuickBooks 102 and 105. This message displays details about the issue, the code, and the description, along with some sources of resolutions.
  2. Repeated failure of download of banking transactions. 
  3. No response from mouse clicks and keyboard tabs on the banking website.

What Triggers the QuickBooks Error 102 and 105 Message? 

To troubleshoot the QuickBooks errors 102 and 105 better, you must first learn about its root causes. Have a look and understand what brings such errors to your QuickBooks program: 

  • The server downtime or maintenance issue of your bank’s website is one of the major factors that trigger error 102 and 105 in QuickBooks. 
  • You may encounter error 102 and 105 while performing banking operations if your Windows O.S. has poor or unstable connection. 
  • If you have entered the incorrect login bank account credentials, it may bring QuickBooks online error 102 and 105 to you.
  • Another possibility of facing this bank error is misconfigured internet browser settings due to more than one installed browser extension.
  • If your bank account is new and you didn’t activate the online banking feature in the same account, it can trigger error code 102 and 105 in QuickBooks Online.

How to Manage QuickBooks Banking Error 102 and 105? 

Don’t worry! We have got solutions for this problem in this section. Carefully perform the methods given here to easily manage and permanently fix the QuickBooks Banking error 102 and 105: 

Solution Method 1 – Check your Banking Account Login Information 

One of the most evident and common reasons for facing banking errors like 102 and 105 in QuickBooks is using the wrong banking account login credentials. Ensure you first verify and use the correct details. To verify, you must carry out the penned-down instructions: 

  1. Firstly, you must close all the running application programs along with their windows on your system. 
  2. Now, continue navigating to your bank website, and enter the correct bank and credit card login details. Here, you must check if any technical glitch arises. If you don’t face any issues on the website, continue performing the next steps.
  3. In the next step, you must search for your bank’s name if you haven’t linked it to your QuickBooks online.
  4. However, if it’s connected with your QuickBooks online application, you must choose the Add account option from the top-right corner of your screen.
  5. In this Add Account tab, you must look for your bank or financial institution’s name.
  6. Once you find it, choose the name of your bank from the list of financial institutes given.
  7. Afterward, you must enter your correct bank credentials and hit the Continue button.
  8. Here, you may be asked to undertake additional verification steps to secure your bank account. So, click the Connect Securely alternative and proceed further.
  9. Now, you must click your bank symbol from the left side of the account you want to link with QuickBooks.
  10. Done till this? Continue to choose your bank account type from the appearing drop-down menu of account type. 
  11. After choosing your bank type or credit card account, you must verify the successful connection of the bank account and QuickBooks. 
  12. By this, QuickBooks will automatically download all your online bank transactions from the last 90 days. These transactions will be both from your bank and credit card account.
  13. Now, you must click the Connect button and continue waiting for the seamless connection. Once the download is over, get back to your banking page.
  14. Finally, you must verify where all the transactions downloaded are saved. 

Solution Method 2 – Manually Update your Bank 

If you’re continuously receiving QuickBooks Error Code 102 and 105 messages due to your outdated bank. Perform a manual update for the same by undertaking the steps below. 

  • Firstly, open your QuickBooks Online application program and move to the left-side menu to click the Banking section tab.
  • Here, If you wish to update only a particular bank account, make sure to Clear Unwanted Accounts.
  • Once done, choose the Update Now option.
  • Done till this? Here, you must enter your multi-factor authentication details wherever you are asked.
  • Finally, choose the Update button and continue updating your bank account. After this, verify the QuickBooks error code 102 and 105. If the error still hampers your banking operations, move to the next method. 

Solution Method 3 – Check the Issues from the Bank Website’s End

As we have discussed earlier, the server’s downtime and poor maintenance of your bank website are the major reasons for encountering banking errors 102 and 105 in QuickBooks Online. So, perform the strategy below and fix the issue: 

  • Initially, open your bank’s website and log in with the correct credentials. 
  • Here, if you face any error or technical glitch while signing in, you must approach or contact your bank or credit card account support team. 
  • Once you contact them, now you need to stay alert for further messages, notifications, or details from your bank or credit card support team. These messages will help you learn what to do next for the problem you’re facing due to error code 102 and 105 in QuickBooks.
  • Now, you need to check your bank account pages, transaction history, and other details.

Solution Method 4 – Get the Latest Updates on your Bank Connection

Using this method, we will manually update the bank connection. The banking errors 102 and 105 in QuickBooks Self Employed and Online versions can be fixed with the steps below: 

For QuickBooks Online Version Users:
  1. Firstly, you need to launch your QuickBooks Online application and enter your login credentials. 
  2. In the next step, you must move to the Bookkeeping alternative. Now go to the Transactions tab and click the Bank Transactions alternative. 
  3. Finally, you must choose the Update button to get the latest QuickBooks Online application updates. 
For Users with QuickBooks Self-Employed:
  1. Here, to update QuickBooks self-employed and fix QuickBooks bank error 102 and 105, you must first log in to your QuickBooks Self-Employed version and continue clicking the Profile icon. 
  2. After this, move to the Bank Accounts tab and then choose the Refresh All option. By this, you will successfully update your QuickBooks Self-Employed application.
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Now no need to get troubled due to QuickBooks error 102 & 105. We suggest you implement the solutions above and carefully fix this banking error. Hopefully, this post has helped you figure out the problematic issue. However, if you find these methods difficult or may fail to troubleshoot the error on your own, connect with us via Live Chat Support. Ping us, and our experts will get back to you with possible and relevant solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The error messages 102 and 105 QuickBooks state, “We’re sorry, but we can’t export your data” or “QuickBooks Online is facing trouble establishing links to the bank websites.” 

Ans: The following signs can help you sense the errors 102 and 105: 

  • The continuous spinning of a blue-loading circle on your banking transaction screen. 
  • Repeated failure of transaction download. 
  • Receiving the error messages 102 and 105 on the banking transaction screen in QuickBooks. 

Ans: Implement the following strategies to fix the error 102 and 105: 

  • Update your bank connection with QuickBooks Online 
  • Verify the banking login credentials 
  • Update your QuickBooks Self-Employed and Online (the version you use) 

Ans: One of the major reasons for facing banking error codes 102 and 105 in QuickBooks online may be the poor O.S. network connection or the website’s server downtime. 

Ans: You can contact our QuickBooks support team directly anytime anywhere or ping us via Live Chat Support. 

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