Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

How to Create Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

Easily Create Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online! Here’s How

If you’re searching for how to create customer statements in QuickBooks online, take a pause here! Start reading this comprehensive post to learn about how QuickBooks online makes it easy for you to manage customer statements.

Well, we all are well-familiar with QuickBooks Online application and how it simplifies the daily business chores. Customer statements help merchants track purchase orders for a particular period. Here, QuickBooks, with enough customization options, helps businesses customize these statements based on their preferences. We will discuss these facilities later in this post; first, let’s have a quick discussion on customer statements.

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What’s a Customer Statement in QuickBooks Online?

A customer statement in QuickBooks Online is an essential document that helps business merchants get all the information related to the transactions along with the specific customer’s balances. Additionally, this document also comprises a snapshot of the customer’s account, payments, any open balances, invoices, and other details of purchase orders.

Following are the notable reasons why businesses must create customer statements in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Customer statements are beneficial for summarizing the account activity. It tells about the customer’s account or transaction activity at a particular time. 
  2. Another reason for creating a customer statement is to inform customers about the outstanding payments or paid bills for a specific period. 
  3. Also, customer statements in QuickBooks Online help reconcile books in real time with accurate records. 
  4. Setting up or creating a customer statement in QuickBooks Online also reminds customers to pay their specific invoices before due dates. 
  5. Another advantage is that a business merchant can create three different types of customer statements in QuickBooks Online, including Transaction, Balance Forward, and Open Item. 

Hopefully, you have got an idea of how important it is to create customer statements in QuickBooks Online. So, let’s continue and learn how to do so. 

Discussing How to Set up Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

After learning the above benefits of a customer statement, now you must be excited to learn how to set up customer statements in QuickBooks Online. Are you? If yes, follow the steps below: 

01 Step:- Open the QuickBooks Menu and Move to Customers

  • Firstly, open your QuickBooks application, and within the dashboard of your company, move to the menu and choose the Sales tab. 
  • Secondly, from the Sales drop-down menu, click the Customers option. After this, you must review the user view. There are two types of views: the Business View and the Accountant View. The Accountant View shows the entire range of business accounting features and tools. That’s why it’s recommended to switch from Business to Accountant view. 
  • Lastly, make sure to confirm that you are on Business View, and then press the Switch to Accountant View tab. 

02 Step:- Select the Customer for whom you will create a statement

  • Firstly, to select the customer for whom you need to create customer statements in QuickBooks Online, you must choose the recipient of your specific customer statement. 
  • Select the name of the customer on the screen, and the customer list will be displayed along with the payment activities and invoice. 
  • Finally, you can also choose multiple customers to get their specific statements by tick-marking the checkbox next to the customers’ names. 

03 Step:- Create Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

  • After performing the steps above, a list of all the customer payments and related outstanding invoices. 
  • With this List, you will get information related to specific invoices and check which of them are unpaid and which are due. 
  • Now, to prepare a statement, you must click the New Transaction option available in the top-right corner of the window. 
  • Here, from the drop-down List appearing, click the Statement tab. 
  • In this step, choose the customer statement type. As noted above, there are three types of customer statements, including Open item, Balance forward, and Transaction Statement. 
  • Once you’ve selected the statement type, hit the Apply option, continue to review the recipient’s email address, and move to the next step. 

04 Step:- Customize Customer Statement

  • Now comes the customer statement customization. For this, firstly, move to the Sales tab for Account and Settings. 
  • After this, click the Gear icon and hit the Account and Settings button. 
  • Following this hit the Sales option and start editing your customer statements in QuickBooks Online. 
  • Continuing this, now move to the Statements section and modify the information in the document. 
  • Done? After this, open a new tab and start listing:
  1. Firstly, the specific transaction as one single line. 
  2. Secondly, all the transactions with all the detail lines.
  • After this, display a table briefing the accounts receivable (A/R) aging report. This table will show all the statements of any due amount to notify the customers about the unpaid bills. 

05 Step:- Create and Send Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online

  • Once you have performed the steps above, click the save option and keep it as a draft for your records. 
  • Secondly, click the Save and Send option. By this, you will successfully conclude the create and send customer statements in QuickBooks Online procedure. 
  • If you wish to print this customer statement, choose the Print Preview button. Finally, once you click the Save and Send option, QuickBooks will automatically display the email content with the preview of the customer statement you’ve created. 
  • Lastly, after reviewing, if you need to edit any information, make the changes and hit the Send option.

How Can I Create and Send Customer Statements for a Single Customer?

If you wish to create and send customer statements for a single customer, the below section will help you. Carefully undertake the complete method:

  • Firstly, you must open the QuickBooks application and move to the left menu bar to click the Customers option. 
  • Secondly, you have to select the customer name from the List of customers.
  • In this step, choose the Statement option from the New Transaction drop-down menu available at the top right corner of the page.
  • Here, based on your preference, you must hit the Open Item, Balance Forward, or Transaction Statement type.
  1. Open Item Statement – It will display all open invoices from a particular date.
  2. Balance Forward Customer Statement – It will show all the activity between your
  3. Start and End dates. The Balance Forward amount will be at the top. 
  4. Transaction Statement – In this, the number of transactions and the amount received will be displayed. Here, you won’t find any Balance amount. 
  • Finally, you must choose your Statement Date, its start date, and the end date. After this, click the OK button.

Set Up Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online for Multiple Customers

Below, we have listed the easy steps to set up customer statements in QuickBooks Online for multiple customers. 

  • Initially, choose the Statement tab, and in the next column, click the sign (+) from the top right corner of your screen.
  • Secondly, select the Balance Forward, Open Item, or Transaction Statement from the Choose statement type field and choose the one as per your requirements.
  • Here, you must enter the required Statement Date, the Start Date, and the End Date. 
  • Now, click OK, and by this, the Statements screen will appear. We suggest you first read the instructions and then proceed to click the Create/Send option for the selected statements. 
  • After this, click the suitable customers and continue clicking the Print, Preview, or Print Statements. 
  • Afterward, select the Print to print statements tab and add a brief description to your customer statements. For this, choose the Account and Settings tab from the Your Company column. 
  • Click the Gear icon from the top-right side of your screen and hit the Statements tab once you’ve selected the Sales option. 
  • Finally, make the choice of List for every transaction, along with their respective detail lines, click the Save button, and then the Done. 
Summing Up..! 

In a nutshell, we suggest you carefully go through the above post and create customer statements in QuickBooks online. As already explained, these customer statements will help you get deep insights into the customer payments and invoices with real-time and accurate records. But, if you face any technical issues or confusion while implementing the above procedures, just ping us via Live Chat Support. Our support experts will help you professionally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: QuickBooks users can generate the following customer statements:

  • Open Item 
  • Transaction 
  • Balance Forward 

Ans: Yes, you can easily prepare the statement for single and multiple customers directly from the QuickBooks Online application. 

Ans: Absolutely. QuickBooks Online offers multiple options to edit or customize customer statements. 

Ans: Sometimes, customers ask for these statements while reconciling their bank accounts. 

Ans: Don’t worry! For professional help, you can communicate with our support team at 1-833-210-4702 or via Live Chat Support.

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